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A quiet little spot where Rod Mollise shares his adventures and misadventures View my complete profile. In addition to drawing audiences with some overlap many nerds , ham radio and amateur astronomy share a similar heritage. Both are reasonably young pursuits, just under a century old in both cases. While many folks contributed to the start of both avocations, two names stand out as being responsible, more than anybody else, for the shape of things that came: Hiram Percy Maxim and Russell W. Maxim, son of the inventor of the Maxim machine gun, was undoubtedly a genius. Like his daddy, he was inquisitive and mechanically inclined, but soon went from tinkering with the new-fangled internal combustion engine to playing around with the even more sci-fi — pie-in-the-sky radio stuff. Sure, ham radio was fun, but in the background there was always the Old Man with his serious mien looking on. Even after he passed on into the ether in he continued to be a strong force in our hobby. For many of us, very serious.

Titans of Technology

These notes include corrections to the original articles and, in some cases, expanded descriptions. The PDF file is Supplement In the several months spent scanning every single issue of G-E Ham News for posting here, I developed an appreciation and affection for the little magazine. Volume 1, Number 1 Top Efficiency on 10! In the several months spent scanning every single issue of G-E Ham News for posting here, I developed an appreciation and affection for the little magazine.

May – June

OM, or “old man”—common term of address among hams. single sideband, one mode of ham radio operation, much more efficient means of operation than.

He stood just four feet tall, his body contorted by a hump in his back and a crooked gait, and his stunted torso gave the illusion that his head, hands and feet were too big. But he was a giant among scientific thinkers, counting Albert Einstein , Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison as friends, and his contributions to mathematics and electrical engineering made him one of the most beloved and instantly recognizable men of his time. In the early 20th century, Charles Steinmetz could be seen peddling pedaling his bicycle down the streets of Schenectady, New York, in a suit and top hat, or floating down the Mohawk River in a canoe, kneeling over a makeshift desktop, where he passed hours scribbling notes and equations on papers that sometimes blew into the water.

Such occurrences were all the more painful for Steinmetz, as it was a family and children that he longed for most in his life. But knowing that his deformity was congenital both his father and grandfather were afflicted with kyphosis, an abnormal curvature of the upper spine , Steinmetz chose not to marry, fearful of passing on his deformity. Born in in Breslau, Germany now Wroclaw, Poland , Carl August Rudolph Steinmetz became a brilliant student of mathematics and chemistry at the University of Breslau, but he was forced to flee the country after the authorities became interested in his involvement with the Socialist Party.

A Totally Retro Mode Makes a Comeback

Both went away around the same time. Now some of the last physical remains are going away too, with a plan by the U. Once part of the Voice of America network carried around the world, the hulking ruin of the transmitter and generation building is one of the last vestiges of the early radio era. Wireless pioneer Guglielmo Marconi started his trans-Atlantic work in New Jersey, broadcasting from hillsides and open fields just behind the beaches, and for decades made the Marconi name synonymous with maritime communications.

It is worth noting that the WARC was the old name for the conferences, they are now just called World R, Single sideband with reduced or variable level carrier.

During a recent equipment test in Mission Viejo, Ham radio operator Vern Vihlene demonstartes the reach of his handheld radio. He was able to reach another Ham operator in Cardiff, England. The hour event is a competition and a test of emergency preparedness for ham radio operators. Fourteen-year-old Spencer Ammermon operates a portable battery-powered Ham radio from an athletic field in Mission Viejo.

He has already attained the Amateur Extra Class license, the top class for amateur hams. Spencer Ammermon operates a portable battery-powered Ham radio from an athletic field in Mission Viejo. At 14 years old, he has already earned the Amateur Extra Class license, the top class for amateur hams. South Orange Amateur Radio Association member Michael Slygh shows off the four radios in his vehicle which allow him to make local to international contact.

Marine operator memories

A MONG the hearts that leaped when Senator Barry Gold water became the Republican Presidential nominee, many doubtlessly belonged to the nation’s , licensed amateur radio operators, or hams. In any case, hams are as delighted to have Barry in their fraternity as party pianists were to have Harry Truman in theirs. Lest the prospect make patriots and estheticians blanch, the statement, like many another made in the heat of a political campaign, is more poetic than descriptive.

The space occupied by a carrier and its associated sidebands in the radio frequency Horizontal antennas are less likely to pick up man-made interference, which which are the chief components of both old and new series of FM radios.

Photos by Frank Lanier. In our first article on marine single sideband, or SSB, radios, we discussed the relevancy of SSB and the benefits of having one onboard particularly as compared with satellite communications , and we offered a market scan of the more popular radios available see PS November The goal of this report is to delve into the SSB installation process, to introduce some popular accessories, and to present an initial report of our field testing; a more in-depth field test report will follow in an upcoming issue.

A typical SSB system comprises four main components: a radio including any remote displays ; an antenna tuner; the antenna itself; and the ground plane also called the counterpoise. Worries about how to operate an SSB are often the first concern when buying an SSB, and a close second would have to be the expense and complexity of the installation itself. Do-it-yourselfers will typically find that installing the radio, remote display, and antenna tuner is no more difficult than installing any other onboard electronics, such as a VHF radio or a chartplotter.

The challenge comes with the antenna and the ground plane. Although Icom, the maker of our test radio an Icom M does not make antennas or recommend specific brands, its general instructions call for a backstay antenna-which involves cutting your backstay and installing insulators-or a whip antenna rarely used on sailboats. Our goal was to evaluate some of the more novel and in some cases, controversial products into a single system and conduct some long-term testing to see whether they provide acceptable performance-both lab testing and real-world use.

In the past, weve found that these shortcut SSB installations fall under the no pain, no gain heading we had to work to get that pun in , but given the reports weve gotten from other users, we were optimistic.

High frequency

The transmitter building was a tee shaped building. There were some feet high rhombic aerials erected by the Americans at the Hemmant site. The aerials have long gone, but the old transmitter building and diesel kVA Buckeye building still remain to this day. Whilst Henry W. The one 10Kw transmitter may have been for Delhi, India. Whilst Henry was at Hemmant, the very powerful Press Wireless 40Kw amplifier that was used earlier in the war was no longer being used in for transmissions.

In SSB operation, the beat frequency oscillator must replace the carrier which was OM: Abbreviation meaning Old Man – any male operator, regardless of age.

Note: Some pdf files are very large. Always use “Save Link As Radiotron Designer’s Handbook 3rd Edition – F. Terman Microwave Receivers – Van Voorhis. Microwave Transmission Circuits – Ragan. Advances in Microwaves – Young – Volume 1 – Volume 2. Technique of Microwave Measurements – Montgomery. Radio Receivers – Barkan, Zhadanov. Antennas – Theory and Practice – Schelkunoff, Friis.

Advanced Antenna Theory – Schelkunoff. Radio Telephony for Amateurs – Ballantine. Noll W3FQJ. Hoag Electrical Communication – A. Albert Electronics for Engineers – 1st ed.

GE Ham News

In many countries, CB operation does not require a license, and unlike amateur radio it may be used for business or personal communications. Like many other land mobile radio services, multiple radios in a local area share a single frequency channel, but only one can transmit at a time. The radio is normally in receive mode to receive transmissions of other radios on the channel; when users want to talk they press a ” push to talk ” button on their radio, which turns on their transmitter.

He has managed to implement a software-defined SSB ham radio transceiver for the HF There are a multiplicity of transmission modes both new and old at the BitX transceiver on the market from a company founded by the man himself.

A year-old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus SLE diagnosed at age of 35years was admitted for dyspnoea, substernal chest pain, dry mucosas and difficulty in swallowing. Physical examination revealed vesicular breath sounds bilaterally. A high-resolution chest CT scan demonstrated multiple bronchial cysts and diffuse interstitial infiltrates.

Surgical lung biopsy revealed emphysematous changes and mild lymphocytic infiltrate around the bronchioles compatible with lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia diagnosis. Antibody markers, high-resolution chest CT scan and surgical lung biopsy were essential in evaluating this patient, confirming the interstitial lymphocytic infiltration of the lung. High-resolution chest CT scan demonstrates areas of ground-glass attenuation, suggestive of interstitial disease.

Surgical lung biopsy shows pathologic increase of mature lymphocyte cells and histiocytes. Most of the cases have a benign presentation and shortly relapse. Corticosteroids are the primary therapy. While pSS is commonly associated with interstitial lung involvement, secondary Sjogren’s syndrome sSS is only rare. It has been described the initial sSS presentation by Sica symptoms development only, and our case is the first report of LIP presentation as initial manifestation of sSS.

Lung interstitial pneumonia LIP is an inflammatory pulmonary reaction to various stimuli, mainly systemic disease or infection. It generally presents with progressive cough and dyspnoea. Diagnosis requires lung biopsy or bronchoscopy with sampling.

18MHz QRP SSB Transceiver PEREGRINO by EA3FXF and EA3GHS

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