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Thank you everyone for your reviews. Over in total and we only went through two-thirds of this story. So as an reward, I decided to post this chapter up a day early. After Wendy had told him the whole story, he started pacing around out of frustration and anger. He couldn’t really believe his sister had actually fallen for the green plumber. Sure he was ‘nice’ and all, but still he was the enemy. That alone should have discouraged her.

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Bowuigi is the slash ship between Bowser and Luigi from the Super Mario fandom. Within the latter, Baby Bowser forced Kamek to kidnap the Mario brothers, with only Mario managing to escape and Luigi being taken away. He was later rescued and reunited with his brother. In terms of interactions in the present day, Luigi has fought the koopa before, but prefers to stick to the side lines. However, these are typically considered ‘hard modes’ and non-canon.

In terms of thoughts on each other, Fortune Street reveals that Luigi doesn’t trust Bowser and suspects that he always has a princess locked away in his castle.

When the two starts to date, they form an unusual yet loving relationship. With their families and friends in the dark about this, can the two.

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Author’s Note: I decide to write a fanfic about this couple mainly due to the lack there of. There are a lot of rare pairing that I could write about but this one really caught my eye. In the end, I hope this story make some people more interested in this couple at least. The sun had risen and hung itself in the sky over the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom. Its soft morning rays gleamed off the green field just east from the Kingdom.

How would Mario react if he found out his brother was dating his “sworn enemy”? Only time will tell Language: English; Words: ; Chapters: 1/?; Comments.

The first hour of the night was already busy. The sun was starting to set, the quarter moon was coming up and the stars were starting to show. Music filled the air around the castle as guests from all around paired in numbers line up in front of the castle door. Standing by the large entrance was Toadsworth, who was wearing his finest suit and tie as he greets each and every guest that enters through the castle.

After greeting a pair of four that went by, Toadsworth turned his attention to the former man in red, now dress in a black tuxedo and a red tie. Toadsworth chuckled. Shouldn’t he be with you? Please, Good Master, come in; I’m sure the princess is waiting for your arrival. Mario nods and entered inside the castle.

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Countdown to the end have already started. Some of you readers have similar questions to the story. If you continue on reading, I promise your questions will be answer within the next few chapters.

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Some of you were pretty excited to see this chapter so, I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer. It wasn’t hard for Luigi to find Wendy’s room. Once he stood in front of the door, he knock on it for entrance. She replied from the other side of the door. Luigi turn the knob and enter the pink koopa’s room.

Luigi’s relationship with Daisy is getting pretty tiresome as it is constantly on and off. Wendy’s relationship is no better off. When the two starts to.

Return Catalog Bottom. I like how everyone is on …. Was the story spoiled for you? What did you think? Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: No one ever joins my games. I’m in the mines someone join me…. They should’ve cashed in harder on Hariet’s popularity which they noticed while they were…. Is it me or do archer players tend to be extremely homosexual? Not just in MH, but in every game.

Infamous 2: Was this series only the good exclusive Sony had for the ps3? Is there are worse case of flanderization than the Mario cast? Is this st….

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Custom Search. Dating a girl with mild cerebral palsy. I believe christian lyrics. Jan 28, Dating , Self-Confidence, and CP I was even precocious about girls ; in third grade I was gutsy enough to tell one of my

Bowuigi is the slash ship between Bowser and Luigi from the Super Mario fandom. As one can guess, both fanart and fan fiction have Luigi dating Bowser​, unbeknownst to Mario who could potentially he is typically fairly protective of his brother due to Bowser being Mario’s arch enemy. Bowser/Luigi on FanFiction.

Yes, Captain Toad is technically Toad in this game. However since it is not officially Toad, I won’t acknowledge him in this story. Plus an ode to one of the best Mario Kart courses ever crafted. Ludwig has been trying to live it down ever since. But while his siblings see that he has changed, a survivor has not. And now, that survivor is out for revenge. Rated T. A month-long search for him makes Mario grow more and more worried about his safe return.

But when Peach gets a letter from Luigi, telling her he was alright, she went on a trip to Evershade Valley But this student doesn’t seem to like Bowser Jr.

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